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021 Natalie Cordone and Kevin Kelly Discuss “The Connected Performer” and the Critical Skills!

Natalie Cordone and Kevin Kelly are professional performers having performed for over 20 years off Broadway, with major symphonies, and in television and film.

In 2018 they were tired of witnessing universities churn out students – many of whom had incurred six-figure college debts for their four-year performance-based degrees.

Seeing these young people with immense talent but struggling with the business of the performing arts motivated Natalie and Kevin to found “The Connected Performer” in Orlando, Florida. It is through this entity that they apply their own talent and experience as musical theater career coaches.

Their goal is to help professional triple threat performers connect to their talent, their scripts, and the performing arts industry.

And they are successful – they radiate enthusiasm, confidence and a true knowledge of the performing arts in education.

020 Career and Success Coach Heather Vickery Discusses Her Application of the Critical Skills

We have a wonderful guest today. And she’s a coach! An energetic and dynamic success coach.

Heather Vickery shares her strategies to help her clients move their personal lives and businesses so that they can create and support lives that they absolutely love. In just a few minutes after meeting her, you know that she cares about improving your quality of life – both business and personal.

She has her own podcast – “The Brave Files” – that is all about stories from people living courageously – people who are working to transform doubt and worry into fuel that propels them toward their dreams and gets them through the tough times.

Click HERE to go to Heather’s website.

019 Hall of Fame Coach Pat Sullivan on the Critical Skills

We have a wonderful guest today. And he’s a hall of fame coach!

Coach Pat Sullivan has dedicated his career to inspiring people, helping them to discover and capitalize on their personal strengths.

In more than four decades of collegiate and high school coaching, he touched thousands of lives and impacted a new generation of leaders who today succeed in a wide range of business and civic capacities.

Coach Sullivan retired after 34 years as a teacher and men’s basketball coach at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Ill. With more than 500 victories at USF, Pat led his team to first- or second-place finishes in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) 15 times in an 18-year period and advanced to the NAIA National Tournament in 1994 and 1996. 

018 The Job Search Process with Marty Gilbert

Today, we are very fortunate to host the founder of a highly successful networking group that specializes in connecting you to your next career opportunity – Mr. Marty Gilbert!

Specifically, Marty is an EXPERT in the job search process!

In 2010, Marty founded the NorthShore Executive Networking Group, and today over 8,000 single contributors, managers, directors, Vice Presidents and C-Level executives are members, and Marty has helped over 2,000 of them obtain their next career opportunities.

Marty knows his stuff – the ins and out of the job search process, what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can be successful when you face this challenge.

You can visit his website – – to find out more, to join, and to network.

017 All About Skills – Field Studies

In this episode, Charlie Jett discusses Field Studies in depth. Field Studies were highlighted by the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) report, “Teaching the SCANS Competencies” as an effective means of teaching the Critical skills.

Field Studies are conducted by a team of students and focus on issues identified by local area businesses or community service organizations. The students write a confirmation letter, develop a work plan, develop an interview guide, collect data (primarily through interviews), verify the information for truth and accuracy, and conduct their analysis to develop findings, conclusions and recommendations. Assessment is authentic.

Students down to the middle school level are capable of conducting Field Studies.

016 All About Skills – Work-Based Learning

In this episode, Charlie Jett discusses the importance of work-based learning for disadvantaged youth as well for the health and well-being of the US economy.

He discusses different kinds of work-based learning programs such as tours, job shadowing, mentorships, internships, registered apprenticeships, cooperative education, service learning and field studies.

He stresses the importance of work-based learning forcollege-bound students as well as those students who are bypassing college andgoing directly into the work force.

006 All About Skills – Interpersonal

The Interpersonal skill is not the skill you use to make friends. It’s the skill that, by using it, results in other people such as your teammates consider you as a valuable asset to the team. It’s your way of contributing value to the whole and, in a sense, is an important justification for your compensation. In this short program, Charlie Jett discusses the Interpersonal skill and gives examples of its use.

005 All About Skills – Technology

The Technology skill is the skill one uses to SELECT the appropriate technology solution to address a problem. It is NOT the skill which one uses to create technology – such as to design an electronic circuit board – but the skill to USE APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY. Charlie Jett discusses the Technology skill and gives examples of its use.

002 – All About Skills – Production

The production skill is quite simple. It’s the skill of taking something from the “Idea stage” to the “Final Product” stage. It can be as simple as a group of high school kids having an idea for a float in a homecoming parade to solving the global warming crisis. The skill is the same no matter the complexity of the idea to final product, although the complexity can vary widely.