“It’s All About Skills” Program Series

“It’s All About Skills” is a series of programs that describe the eight “Critical Skills” that you, your children, your grandchildren and all of us need to succeed – as well as to ensure the survival of our constitutional republic.

The skills were derived not from simple surveys but from hard data from the kinds of skills that organizations – public and private – actually look for when they hire individuals who will have an impact on the organization.

Of course there are other sets of skills – most of which come from articles written or surveys conducted for the purpose of publishing an article in a magazine or newspaper. That doesn’t matter – the “Critical Skills” are timeless and are congruent with whatever set of skills you choose. The point is that these are easy to remember, to learn, and to apply.

The first nine programs consist of an introduction to the series and each subsequent program focusing on one of the Critical Skills. Programs following the introductory series will focus on perspectives and experiences of others – teachers, businesses, parents, students, executive recruiters, career coaches, politicians, etc. – in teaching, using and assessing the skills. Some programs will focus on specific programs and/or activities that a teacher can do in classrooms – or that parents who home school their children can do.