047 Steve Robinson, a 50-year Veteran of Public Radio and Classical Music Broadcasting, Discusses the Critical Skills With Charlie Jett

When one thinks about public radio networks and classical music radio, one name comes to mind and that name is Steve Robinson.

Steve Robinson in his home studio

It’s difficult to imagine a highly successful radio station without a leader like Steve Robinson. Steve is well known for his unflagging energy, endless creativity, and deep knowledge of classical music and radio operations.

Steve has been creating, producing and developing radio programs for 50 years that have been heard throughout the U.S. and around the world. He is an example of someone who is a master of the critical skills of Communications, Production, and Technology.

In Chicago, Steve spent sixteen years at the helm of the great classical radio station, WFMT FM (98.7). He retired from WFMT in 2016 and now lives in Boston where he is President and Head Cheese of a company he founded, New Media Productions. The company creates and produces podcasts, CD’s and provides consulting services to a variety of media clients.

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