054 Dr. Arthur W. Zimiga, Native American Educator and Member of the Oglala Lakota Teton Nation and Charlie Jett discuss the Critical Skills

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Dr. Arthur W. Zimiga, a master and doctorate graduate from the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, is known nationally and worldwide as a top Native American educator.

Dr. Zimiga has presented curriculum material and has lectured on such subjects as Native American Education and business development for the “Cultural Different.”

Institutions where he has either taught or lectured include foreign educational agencies and major universities in the United States including Harvard University, UCLA, University of Arizona, University of South Dakota, and others.

Dr. Zimiga has an extensive background in Native American cultures and specializes in the Lakota Culture of which he is a member of Oglala Lakota Teton Nation. He is well respected by his fellow colleagues in business development as well as higher learning as well as elementary and secondary education worldwide.

His humor and can-do attitude are refreshing attributes that audiences enjoy. Dr. Zimiga is a poet, writer, soldier, artist, sportsman, executive, business developer, politician, educator, community leader, and family-oriented person.

He is also my friend – we were elementary school classmates in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

He brings insights that enlighten audiences – so you are in for a big surprise with Dr. Arthur Zimiga.

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