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039 General Charles Krulak, USMC, Former Marine Corps Commandant, and Charlie Jett Discuss Leadership and the Critical Skills

General Charles C. Krulak served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for 35 years and I’m proud to say that he is my US Naval Academy classmate in the great class of 1964.

General Krulak’s military service brought him into wartime combat roles in Viet Nam and operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He is the recipient of many awards including the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Three Bronze Stars, Distinguished Service Medals from each of the three branches of the military (Navy, Army and Air Force), and, among others, two Purple Hearts.

Ultimately General Krulak served as the 31st Commandant of the United States Marine Corps from July1, 1995 until June 30, 1999.

Following his 35-year Marine Corps career, he entered the world of banking as Chief Administrative Officer of MBNA America and then as Senior Vice Chairman of MBNA Europe until his retirement in 2005. He then served as the 13th President of Birmingham-Southern College until his retirement in 2015.

General Krulak has served on the Board of Directors of several corporations and non-for-profit entities.

036 Natalie Siston and Charlie Jett Talk About Positive Intelligence and the Critical Skills

Natalie’s career has taken her from Silicon Valley to the Fortune 100 and into entrepreneurship, but being raised in Republic, OH (population 600) is where she learned her greatest leadership lessons. Natalie uses these lessons from small town living to help leaders and organizations create big success in the world.

In addition to being a 10-year 4-H member and repeat State Fair champion in public speaking, Natalie is a two-time graduate of The Ohio State University and Professional Coach accredited through the International Coach Federation. She has 20+ years of experience coaching, developing leaders, and strengthening teams in the non-profit, higher education, and corporate sectors. She works both 1:1 and in small groups, coaching clients to help them be more connected – to themselves, their work, families, and communities. She is a frequent speaker at leadership, university, and corporate events.

Natalie resides in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, Rob, and two young daughters. When she’s not writing, speaking or coaching, she enjoys mentoring students, training for endurance athletic events, and improving her golf game.

Let Her Out: Reclaim Who You Have Always Been is Natalie’s first book.

Learn more at: smalltownleadership.com or letherout.com

021 Natalie Cordone and Kevin Kelly Discuss “The Connected Performer” and the Critical Skills!

Natalie Cordone and Kevin Kelly are professional performers having performed for over 20 years off Broadway, with major symphonies, and in television and film.

In 2018 they were tired of witnessing universities churn out students – many of whom had incurred six-figure college debts for their four-year performance-based degrees.

Seeing these young people with immense talent but struggling with the business of the performing arts motivated Natalie and Kevin to found “The Connected Performer” in Orlando, Florida. It is through this entity that they apply their own talent and experience as musical theater career coaches.

Their goal is to help professional triple threat performers connect to their talent, their scripts, and the performing arts industry.

And they are successful – they radiate enthusiasm, confidence and a true knowledge of the performing arts in education.

016 All About Skills – Work-Based Learning

In this episode, Charlie Jett discusses the importance of work-based learning for disadvantaged youth as well for the health and well-being of the US economy.

He discusses different kinds of work-based learning programs such as tours, job shadowing, mentorships, internships, registered apprenticeships, cooperative education, service learning and field studies.

He stresses the importance of work-based learning forcollege-bound students as well as those students who are bypassing college andgoing directly into the work force.

014 All About Skills – Parents

In this episode, Charlie Jett discusses how parents can help their children learn and practice the Critical Skills.

013 All About Skills – Brave New World

The world around us is changing at a pace that the word “dizzy” doesn’t describe.

It poses challenges for young people to find for themselves a productive role in society and to engage in and lead a happy life. To do this, one must understand what has happened over the past half century and where our world seems to be heading. In this episode, Charlie Jett discusses these challenges and the growing importance of the Critical Skills in the lives of those facing the future.

011 All About Skills – Businesses

In this episode, Charlie Jett discusses the Critical Skills from the perspective of the business. He discusses how a company can identify their own unique set of critical skills and core competencies. Additionally, he discusses the well-known and usable “Lominger Competencies.”

004 All About Skills – Analysis

The Analysis skill is the process of taking information that has been VERIFIED as being true, developing FINDINGS from that information (what the information means or tells us), drawing CONCLUSIONS based on the findings which, in turn, are based on accurate information, and developing RECOMMENDATIONS about what course(s) of action to take. Note that FALSE INFORMATION can lead to conclusions that are either true or untrue – you can’t tell.

The same is for information that is based on FAITH – or unverified information. With such unverified information, you can draw whatever conclusion you want to draw. That is the danger these days in politics . . . . and, for some, poses a problem for religion. The primary method used is “P implies Q” or P → Q. It can also be stated, “If P then Q.”  P is often called the “premise” and Q is called the “conclusion.” Q can be assumed to be true if P is true. But if P is NOT TRUE, then you might as well dream up any conclusion you want.

Improper use of the Analysis skill, such as deliberately using false information or untrue premises (i.e., LIES) and then drawing conclusions from those – and then recommending action based on the false conclusions IS THE GREATEST DANGER TO OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

003 All About Skills – Information

The information skill has changed over the past three decades.

What once was a skill to seek out and find relevant information to apply to analysis now has become the need for sorting out from literally tons of information to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and the truth from false. Good analysis depends on accurate and true information. Charlie Jett describes the information gathering process.

000 All About Skills – Introduction

This is the introductory episode of “All About Skills” where Charlie Jett describes the eight critical skills, where they came from, how they were derived, and why they are important.

Subsequent episodes will discuss each of the eight critical skills and, following that, he will discuss the skills from the different perspectives of such individuals as teachers, career-minded individuals, students, business managers, executive recruiters, career coaches, politicians, and many more.

This content is based on the book, WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed by Charlie Jett. Click HERE if you want to go to the Amazon page for the book (among others).