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021 Natalie Cordone and Kevin Kelly Discuss “The Connected Performer” and the Critical Skills!

Natalie Cordone and Kevin Kelly are professional performers having performed for over 20 years off Broadway, with major symphonies, and in television and film.

In 2018 they were tired of witnessing universities churn out students – many of whom had incurred six-figure college debts for their four-year performance-based degrees.

Seeing these young people with immense talent but struggling with the business of the performing arts motivated Natalie and Kevin to found “The Connected Performer” in Orlando, Florida. It is through this entity that they apply their own talent and experience as musical theater career coaches.

Their goal is to help professional triple threat performers connect to their talent, their scripts, and the performing arts industry.

And they are successful – they radiate enthusiasm, confidence and a true knowledge of the performing arts in education.